SUSE SLED12 / SLES12 Security Update : ImageMagick (SUSE-SU-2016:2667-1)


This update for ImageMagick fixes the following issues: These vulnerabilities could be triggered by processing specially crafted image files, which could lead to a process crash or resource consumtion, or potentially have unspecified futher impact. - CVE-2016-8684: Mismatch between real filesize and header values (bsc#1005123) - CVE-2016-8683: Check that filesize is reasonable compared to the header value (bsc#1005127) - CVE-2016-8682: Stack-buffer read overflow while reading SCT header (bsc#1005125) - CVE-2016-8677: Memory allocation failure in AcquireQuantumPixels (bsc#1005328) - CVE-2016-7996, CVE-2016-7997: WPG Reader Issues (bsc#1003629) - CVE-2016-7800: 8BIM/8BIMW unsigned underflow leads to heap overflow (bsc#1002422) - CVE-2016-7799: mogrify global buffer overflow (bsc#1002421) - CVE-2016-7540: writing to RGF format aborts (bsc#1000394) - CVE-2016-7539: Potential DOS by not releasing memory (bsc#1000715) - CVE-2016-7538: SIGABRT for corrupted pdb file (bsc#1000712) - CVE-2016-7537: Out of bound access for corrupted pdb file (bsc#1000711) - CVE-2016-7535: Out of bound access for corrupted psd file (bsc#1000709) - CVE-2016-7534: Out of bound access in generic decoder (bsc#1000708) - CVE-2016-7533: Wpg file out of bound for corrupted file (bsc#1000707) - CVE-2016-7532: fix handling of corrupted psd file (bsc#1000706) - CVE-2016-7531: Pbd file out of bound access (bsc#1000704) - CVE-2016-7530: Out of bound in quantum handling (bsc#1000703) - CVE-2016-7529: Out-of-bound in quantum handling (bsc#1000399) - CVE-2016-7528: Out-of-bound access in xcf file coder (bsc#1000434) - CVE-2016-7527: Out-of-bound access in wpg file coder: (bsc#1000436) - CVE-2016-7526: out-of-bounds write in ./MagickCore/pixel-accessor.h (bsc#1000702) - CVE-2016-7525: Heap buffer overflow in psd file coder (bsc#1000701) - CVE-2016-7524: AddressSanitizer:heap-buffer-overflow READ of size 1 in meta.c:465 (bsc#1000700) - CVE-2016-7523: AddressSanitizer:heap-buffer-overflow READ of size 1 meta.c:496 (bsc#1000699) - CVE-2016-7522: Out of bound access for malformed psd file (bsc#1000698) - CVE-2016-7521: Heap buffer overflow in psd file handling (bsc#1000697) - CVE-2016-7520: Heap overflow in hdr file handling (bsc#1000696) - CVE-2016-7519: Out-of-bounds read in coders/rle.c (bsc#1000695) - CVE-2016-7518: Out-of-bounds read in coders/sun.c (bsc#1000694) - CVE-2016-7517: Out-of-bounds read in coders/pict.c (bsc#1000693) - CVE-2016-7516: Out-of-bounds problem in rle, pict, viff and sun files (bsc#1000692) - CVE-2016-7515: Rle file handling for corrupted file (bsc#1000689) - CVE-2016-7514: Out-of-bounds read in coders/psd.c (bsc#1000688) - CVE-2016-7513: Off-by-one error leading to segfault (bsc#1000686) - CVE-2016-7101: raphicsMagick: SGI Coder Out-Of-Bounds Read Vulnerability (bsc#1001221) - CVE-2016-6823: raphicsMagick: BMP Coder Out-Of-Bounds Write Vulnerability (bsc#1001066) - CVE-2015-8959: dOS due to corrupted DDS files (bsc#1000713) - CVE-2015-8958: Potential DOS in sun file handling due to malformed files (bsc#1000691) - CVE-2015-8957: Buffer overflow in sun file handling (bsc#1000690) - CVE-2014-9907: DOS due to corrupted DDS files (bsc#1000714) - Buffer overflows in SIXEL, PDB, MAP, and TIFF coders (bsc#1002209) - Divide by zero in WriteTIFFImage (bsc#1002206) Note that Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding description block directly from the SUSE security advisory. Tenable has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible without introducing additional issues.