openSUSE Security Update : ImageMagick (openSUSE-2016-1282)


This update for ImageMagick fixes the following issues: These vulnerabilities could be triggered by processing specially crafted image files, which could lead to a process crash or resource consumtion, or potentially have unspecified futher impact. - CVE-2016-8684: Mismatch between real filesize and header values (bsc#1005123) - CVE-2016-8683: Check that filesize is reasonable compared to the header value (bsc#1005127) - CVE-2016-8682: Stack-buffer read overflow while reading SCT header (bsc#1005125) - CVE-2016-8677: Memory allocation failure in AcquireQuantumPixels (bsc#1005328) - CVE-2016-7996, CVE-2016-7997: WPG Reader Issues (bsc#1003629) - CVE-2016-7800: 8BIM/8BIMW unsigned underflow leads to heap overflow (bsc#1002422) - CVE-2016-7799: mogrify global buffer overflow (bsc#1002421) - CVE-2016-7540: writing to RGF format aborts (bsc#1000394) - CVE-2016-7539: Potential DOS by not releasing memory (bsc#1000715) - CVE-2016-7538: SIGABRT for corrupted pdb file (bsc#1000712) - CVE-2016-7537: Out of bound access for corrupted pdb file (bsc#1000711) - CVE-2016-7535: Out of bound access for corrupted psd file (bsc#1000709) - CVE-2016-7534: Out of bound access in generic decoder (bsc#1000708) - CVE-2016-7533: Wpg file out of bound for corrupted file (bsc#1000707) - CVE-2016-7532: fix handling of corrupted psd file (bsc#1000706) - CVE-2016-7531: Pbd file out of bound access (bsc#1000704) - CVE-2016-7530: Out of bound in quantum handling (bsc#1000703) - CVE-2016-7529: Out-of-bound in quantum handling (bsc#1000399) - CVE-2016-7528: Out-of-bound access in xcf file coder (bsc#1000434) - CVE-2016-7527: Out-of-bound access in wpg file coder: (bsc#1000436) - CVE-2016-7526: out-of-bounds write in ./MagickCore/pixel-accessor.h (bsc#1000702) - CVE-2016-7525: Heap buffer overflow in psd file coder (bsc#1000701) - CVE-2016-7524: AddressSanitizer:heap-buffer-overflow READ of size 1 in meta.c:465 (bsc#1000700) - CVE-2016-7523: AddressSanitizer:heap-buffer-overflow READ of size 1 meta.c:496 (bsc#1000699) - CVE-2016-7522: Out of bound access for malformed psd file (bsc#1000698) - CVE-2016-7521: Heap buffer overflow in psd file handling (bsc#1000697) - CVE-2016-7520: Heap overflow in hdr file handling (bsc#1000696) - CVE-2016-7519: Out-of-bounds read in coders/rle.c (bsc#1000695) - CVE-2016-7518: Out-of-bounds read in coders/sun.c (bsc#1000694) - CVE-2016-7517: Out-of-bounds read in coders/pict.c (bsc#1000693) - CVE-2016-7516: Out-of-bounds problem in rle, pict, viff and sun files (bsc#1000692) - CVE-2016-7515: Rle file handling for corrupted file (bsc#1000689) - CVE-2016-7514: Out-of-bounds read in coders/psd.c (bsc#1000688) - CVE-2016-7513: Off-by-one error leading to segfault (bsc#1000686) - CVE-2016-7101: raphicsMagick: SGI Coder Out-Of-Bounds Read Vulnerability (bsc#1001221) - CVE-2016-6823: raphicsMagick: BMP Coder Out-Of-Bounds Write Vulnerability (bsc#1001066) - CVE-2015-8959: dOS due to corrupted DDS files (bsc#1000713) - CVE-2015-8958: Potential DOS in sun file handling due to malformed files (bsc#1000691) - CVE-2015-8957: Buffer overflow in sun file handling (bsc#1000690) - CVE-2014-9907: DOS due to corrupted DDS files (bsc#1000714) - Buffer overflows in SIXEL, PDB, MAP, and TIFF coders (bsc#1002209) - Divide by zero in WriteTIFFImage (bsc#1002206) This update was imported from the SUSE:SLE-12:Update update project.