Siemens ICS present in the device security validation vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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! Recently,the German company Siemens to inform the user,due to ICS(industrial control system)device there is a security vulnerability,don't be networked use. The U.S. industrial control system computer Emergency Response Team(ICS-CERT)recently said,in Siemens SIMATIC WinCC(Windows Control Center)system,lack the necessary security authentication,so hackers can easily remotely control the device,and then the implementation of attack. This security vulnerability is from United States technology company Positive Technologies of the two researchers Gleb Gritsai and Roman llin Co-found. Now,the vulnerability has already been fixed. Fortunately,hackers exploit the vulnerability,you must use some system default for the check,has access to the IP network,in order to enter its network to carry out attacks. SIMATIC WinCC,PC-side control software,at a global scale has been widely praised. It is mainly used in chemical, energy development and water conservancy and other industrial fields. ICS-CERT indicates,in the network,the SIMATIC WinCC remote management module and the SIMATIC WinCC Runtime component of the security certificate protection is not enough. “The attacker can be captured by the remote management program sends the network data,and then get to the security verification certificate.” “For different devices impact factors are often different,but just for a specific device,wherein the security risks and is unique,is also a threat of the highest degree.” SIMATIC WinCC is the first to use the latest The 3 2-bit technology of the visual control system software,installation for monitoring an industrial production process of a PC or a Siemens device. Due to this vulnerability(CVE-2 0 1 5-1358b)has a certain remote destruction of the force,which is a lot of security experts considered a higher threat of security vulnerabilities. ICS-CERT also said,As Long As have a certain ability to attack the hackers,are able to use the vulnerability to carry out attacks. Currently,Siemens has launched the vulnerability of the repair patch. Affected by this vulnerability the user,available for download. Siemens said,as long as the user according to the provided device operation guidelines,to operate the industrial control equipment,then these strong security measures, it is possible for the device play a protective role.