Security Advisory - Intel Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities


Intel officially released a group of microarchitecture data sampling (MDS) vulnerabilities. An attacker with local access to a targeted system may exploit these vulnerabilities to obtain data on the targeted system, causing some information leakage. (Vulnerability ID: HWPSIRT-2019-05136, HWPSIRT-2019-05137, HWPSIRT-2019-05138 and HWPSIRT-2019-05139) The four vulnerabilities have been assigned four Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) IDs: CVE-2018-12126, CVE-2018-12127, CVE-2018-12130 and CVE-2019-11091. Huawei has released software updates to fix these vulnerabilities. This advisory is available at the following link: [http://www.huawei.com/en/psirt/security-advisories/huawei-sa-20190712-01-mds-en](<http://www.huawei.com/en/psirt/security-advisories/huawei-sa-20190712-01-mds-en>)

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
1288h v5 V100R005C00SPC124
2288h v5 V100R005C00SPC124
2288 v5 V100R005C00SPC171
2288c v5 1.0.0.SPC105
2298 v5 5.0.RC5
2488 v5 V100R005C00SPC512
2488h v5 V100R005C00SPC213
5288 v3 V100R003C00SPC709
5885h v5 V100R005C00SPC113
bh620 v2 V100R002C00SPC302
bh621 v2 V100R002C00SPC301
bh622 v2 V100R002C00SPC309
bh640 v2 V100R002C00SPC307
ch121 v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch121l v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch140 v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch140l v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch220 v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch222 v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch225 v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch226 v3 V100R001C00SPC286
ch121 v5 V100R001C00SPC166
ch242 v5 V100R001C00SPC166
ch121h v3 V100R001C00SPC290
ch221 v5 V100R001C00SPC176
ch225 v5 V100R001C00SPC180
ch242 v3 V100R001C00SPC286
dh321 v2 V100R002C00SPC303
dh620 v2 V100R001C00SPC202
dh621 v2 V100R001C00SPC202
dh626 v2 V100R002C00SPC202
dh628 v2 V100R001C00SPC201
fusionsphere openstack V100R006C00RC3B036
g5500 g560 1.0.2.SPC7
rh1288 v2 V100R002C00SPC640
rh1288 v3 V100R003C00SPC712
rh2288h v3 V100R003C00SPC712
rh1288a v2 V100R002C00SPC710
rh2285 v2 V100R002C00SPC511
rh2285h v2 V100R002C00SPC511
rh2288 v2 V100R002C00SPC610
rh2288 v3 V100R003C00SPC711
rh2288a v2 V100R002C00SPC710
rh2288h v2 V100R002C00SPC620
rh2485 v2 V100R002C00SPC713
rh5885 v3 V100R003C01SPC126
rh5885 v3 V100R003C01SPC129
rh5885h v3 V100R003C00SPC219
rh5885h v3 V100R003C10SPC126
rh8100 v3 V100R003C00SPC233
smc2.0 V500R002C00
smc2.0 V600R006C00
smc2.0 V600R006C10
smc2.0 V600R019C00
smc2.0 V600R019C10
x6800 v5 V100R005C10SPC106
xh321 v2 V100R002C00SPC306
xh321 v3 V100R003C00SPC710
xh620 v3 V100R003C00SPC710
xh622 v3 V100R003C00SPC710
xh628 v3 V100R003C00SPC710
x6000 v3 V100R003C00SPC710
xh321 v5 V100R005C00SPC504
xh321l v5 V100R005C00SPC508
eapp610 V100R004C10
eapp610 V100R005C00
eapp610 V100R005C10
ecns280 V100R005C00
ecns280 V100R005C00SPC002
ecns280 V100R005C00SPC300
ecns280 V100R005C00SPC306
ecns280 V100R005C00SPC316
ecns280 V100R005C00SPC326
ecns280 V100R005C10
ecns280 V100R005C10SPC100
emrs620 V100R005C00
emrs620 V100R005C10
eomc910 V100R004C10
eomc910 V100R005C00
eomc910 V100R005C10
essc690 V100R005C00
essc690 V100R005C10
espace usm V300R001C00
espace usm V300R001C00SPC100
espace usm V300R001C00SPC200
espace usm V300R001C00SPC300
espace usm V300R001C00SPC302
espace usm V300R001C00SPC500
espace usm V300R001C00SPC600
espace usm V300R001C00SPC700
espace usm V300R001C00SPC701
espace usm V300R001C00SPC703
espace usm V300R001C00SPC800
espace usm V300R001C00SPC900
espace usm V300R001C00SPC901
espace usm V300R001C00SPC902
espace usm V300R001C00SPH201
espace usm V300R001C00SPH202
espace usm V300R001C00SPH301
espace usm V300R001C00SPH702
eudc660 V100R004C10
eudc660 V100R005C00
eudc660 V100R005C10
imanager neteco 6000 V600R007C40
imanager neteco 6000 V600R007C60
imanager neteco 6000 V600R007C80
imanager neteco 6000 V600R007C90
imanager neteco 6000 V600R008C00
imanager neteco 6000 V600R008C10
imanager neteco 6000 V600R008C20