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Vulners Ansible plugin

Ansible is a software tool that provides for admins and developers with extensive capabilities to deploy and manage multiple configurations.

Ansible scales by supporting plugins. Vulners Ansible plugin extends standard Ansible features, adds new features and allows you to scan all target Linux hosts.

Information on this page assumes that you are already faced with Ansible.

How to?

  1. Get API key
  2. Specify your API key in a /tmp/vulners_ansible_result.json /tmp/vulners_ansible_result.html or use any other way. Module help:

                description: You key for Vulners API (obtain one at
                  - name: api_key
                description: Location of your file with your key for Vulners API (obtain one at
                  - name: api_key_file

  3. Install Vulners plugin for ansible:

    ansible-galaxy collection install gmedian.vulners_ansible_plugin
    Vulners plugin start

  4. Add/check list of monitored hosts:

    vi /etc/ansible/hosts ansible_user=test ansible_user=test

  5. Launch Vulners module: Vulners plugin start

  6. Results you can find here:

    Vulners plugin json 1 Vulners plugin json 2

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