In the IPv6 implementation in the Linux kernel before 5.13.3, net/ipv6/output_core.c has an information leak because of certain use of a hash table which, although big, doesn't properly consider that IPv6-based attackers can typically choose among many IPv6 source addresses.

Affected Software

CPE Name Name Version
linux:linux_kernel linux linux kernel 5.13.3
netapp:e-series_santricity_os_controller netapp e-series santricity os controller -
netapp:solidfire_\&_hci_management_node netapp solidfire \& hci management node -
netapp:brocade_fabric_operating_system_firmware netapp brocade fabric operating system firmware -
netapp:solidfire\,_enterprise_sds_\&_hci_storage_node netapp solidfire\, enterprise sds \& hci storage node -
oracle:communications_cloud_native_core_binding_support_function oracle communications cloud native core binding support function 22.1.3
oracle:communications_cloud_native_core_policy oracle communications cloud native core policy 22.2.0
oracle:communications_cloud_native_core_network_exposure_function oracle communications cloud native core network exposure function 22.1.1
netapp:all_flash_fabric-attached_storage_8300_firmware netapp all flash fabric-attached storage 8300 firmware -
netapp:fabric-attached_storage_8300_firmware netapp fabric-attached storage 8300 firmware -
netapp:all_flash_fabric-attached_storage_8700_firmware netapp all flash fabric-attached storage 8700 firmware -
netapp:fabric-attached_storage_8700_firmware netapp fabric-attached storage 8700 firmware -
netapp:aff_a400_firmware netapp aff a400 firmware -
netapp:fabric-attached_storage_a400_firmware netapp fabric-attached storage a400 firmware -
netapp:hci_compute_node_firmware netapp hci compute node firmware -
netapp:h300e_firmware netapp h300e firmware -
netapp:h300s_firmware netapp h300s firmware -
netapp:h410c_firmware netapp h410c firmware -
netapp:h410s_firmware netapp h410s firmware -
netapp:h500e_firmware netapp h500e firmware -
netapp:h500s_firmware netapp h500s firmware -
netapp:h610c_firmware netapp h610c firmware -
netapp:h610s_firmware netapp h610s firmware -
netapp:h615c_firmware netapp h615c firmware -
netapp:h700e_firmware netapp h700e firmware -
netapp:h700s_firmware netapp h700s firmware -