ID CVE-2006-3702
Type cve
Modified 2018-10-18T16:49:00


Multiple unspecified vulnerabilities in Oracle Database,,,, and have unknown impact and attack vectors, aka Oracle Vuln# (1) DB06 in Export; (2) DB08, (3) DB09, (4) DB10, (5) DB11, (6) DB12, (7) DB13, (8) DB14, and (9) DBC01 for OCI; (10) DB16 for Query Rewrite/Summary Mgmt; (11) DB17, (12) DB18, (13) DB19, (14) DBC02, (15) DBC03, and (16) DBC04 for RPC; and (17) DB20 for Semantic Analysis. NOTE: as of 20060719, Oracle has not disputed third party claims that DB06 is related to "SQL injection" using DBMS_EXPORT_EXTENSION with a modified ODCIIndexGetMetadata routine and a call to GET_DOMAIN_INDEX_METADATA, in which case DB06 might be CVE-2006-2081.