TmaxSoft JEUS Alternate Data Streams File Disclosure Vulnerability

ID 1337DAY-ID-9318
Type zdt
Reporter Simon Ryeo
Modified 2008-12-12T00:00:00


Exploit for unknown platform in category remote exploits

TmaxSoft JEUS Alternate Data Streams File Disclosure Vulnerability

Title: TmaxSoft JEUS Alternate Data Streams Vulnerability
Author: Simon Ryeo(bar4mi (at) gmail)
Severity: High
Impact: Remote File Disclosure
Vulnerable Version: < JEUS 5: Fix#26 on NTFS
 - 10.22.2008: Initiate notify
 - 10.23.2008: The vendor responded
 - 11.21.2008: The vendor replied detail information.
 - 12.12.2008: The vendor finished the preparation for patches and

On NTFS TmaxSoft JEUS, which is an famous web application server, contained
a vulnerability that allows an attacker to obtain web application source
files. This was caused by ADSs(Alternate Data Streams; ::$DATA).
JEUS couldn't handle ::$DATA. So it treated test.jsp::$DATA as an normal
file when it requested.
This is similar to the past MS Windows IIS vulnerability(Bid 0149).

The attacker can obtain them easily using an URL request.$DATA

The vendor released solutions for this problem.
Method 1) Upgrade JEUS
 - JEUS 5:
 - JEUS 4:
    a. Use to change WebtoB function
    b. Upgrade JEUS to version 6 (the service for version 4 will be out of
service after Dec 2009)
Method 2) Use to change WebtoB fuction
 - Change the message communication method from 'URI' to 'EXT'
   (This is valid whether you use the embed WebtoB to JEUS or the single
Method 3) Install the patch (ex. jext.jar)
 - The patch file will be valid until Jan. 2009
   (Target version:, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 final, 5.x(each verison will be
offered below Fix#26)

Please refer to TmaxSoft Homepage for detail support palns. It will be
valid until Mar. 2009.

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