Apple iTouch/iPhone 1.1.1 tif File Remote Jailbreak Exploit

ID 1337DAY-ID-9055
Type zdt
Reporter Niacin and Dre
Modified 2007-10-11T00:00:00


Exploit for hardware platform in category remote exploits

Apple iTouch/iPhone 1.1.1 tif File Remote Jailbreak Exploit

The iPhone / iTouch tif exploit is now officially released!

So its offical we have released the tiff exploit code. 
You can navigate in safari to 
on your Itouch or Iphone 1.1.1. It will crash your Safari 
but then you will be able to browse the file system with 
full read/write access. This is only for people who understand 
what they are doing. You will need IPHUC and some knowledge of 
how to put/get files.


Check back later for a full breakdown of how the 
tiff works and what the future holds for Toc2rta and the 
Itouch & Iphone.

Exploit by Niacin and Dre.

A special thanks to Pumpkin,dinopio,davidc,natetrue,Smileydude,neimod 
,Nervegas,erica,roxfan,phire and the rest of the dev team for all 
their work that helped make this happen. You can visit the dev team's 
site here :

<img src="">

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