Intel HD Graphics - Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

ID 1337DAY-ID-26217
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intel Corp. designs, manufactures and sells computer components and related products. The company also engages in the designing and manufacturing of computing and communication components, such as microprocessors, chipsets, motherboards, and wireless and wired connectivity products. It develops advanced integrated digital technology products, primarily integrated circuits, for industries such as computing and communications. (Copy of the Vendor Homepage: )

                                            [#] Technical Details & Description:
The application suffers from a search path issue unquoted impact on Intel(R) HD Graphics. This could potentially allow
authorized but unprivileged local user accounts with system access to unauthorized execute arbitrary code with system 
privileges of the affected software process.

The security risk of the software vulnerability is estimated as medium with a cvss (common vulnerability scoring system) count of 4.4. 
Exploitation of the software vulnerability requires a low privilege system user account with restricted access and without user interaction. 
Successful exploitation of the vulnerability results in system process compromise and further manipulation or exploitation to compromise the 
local computer operating system.

[#] Proof of Concept (PoC):
The issue can be exploited by local attackers with restricted system user account or network access and without user interaction.
For security demonstration or to reproduce the vulnerability follow the provided information and steps below to continue.

--- PoC Privileges Session Logs ---
C:Program FilesIntelTXE ComponentsDAL>sc qc jhi_service
[SC] QueryServiceConfig réussite(s)

SERVICE_NAME: jhi_service
        TYPE               : 10  WIN32_OWN_PROCESS
        START_TYPE         : 2   AUTO_START  (DELAYED)
        ERROR_CONTROL      : 0   IGNORE
        BINARY_PATH_NAME   : "C:\Program Files\Intel\TXE Components\DAL\jhi_service.exe"
        LOAD_ORDER_GROUP   :
        TAG                : 0
        DISPLAY_NAME       : Intel(R) Dynamic Application Loader Host Interface
        DEPENDENCIES       :
        SERVICE_START_NAME : LocalSystem

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