Fitbit Connect Service - Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation

ID 1337DAY-ID-25453
Type zdt
Reporter Ross Marks
Modified 2016-10-09T00:00:00


Exploit for windows platform in category local exploits

                                            Fitbit Connect Service:
By Ross Marks:
Category:               Local
Tested on:              Windows 10 x86/x64
1) Unquoted Service Path Privilege Escalation 
Fitbit connect installs as a service with an unquoted service path running with SYSTEM privileges.
This could potentially allow an authorized but non-privileged localuser to execute arbitrary code with elevated privileges on the system.
A successful attempt would require the local attacker must insert an executable file in the path of the service.
Upon service restart or system reboot, the malicious code will be run with elevated privileges.
C:\>sc qc "Fitbit Connect"
[SC] QueryServiceConfig SUCCESS
SERVICE_NAME: Fitbit Connect
        TYPE               : 10  WIN32_OWN_PROCESS
        START_TYPE         : 2   AUTO_START
        ERROR_CONTROL      : 1   NORMAL
        BINARY_PATH_NAME   : C:\Program Files (x86)\Fitbit Connect\FitbitConnectService.exe
        LOAD_ORDER_GROUP   :
        TAG                : 0
        DISPLAY_NAME       : Fitbit Connect Service
        DEPENDENCIES       :

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