ManageEngine Applications Manager Build 12700 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

ID 1337DAY-ID-25035
Type zdt
Reporter Saif El-Sherei
Modified 2016-05-06T00:00:00


Exploit for jsp platform in category web applications

                                            Affected Software:   ManageEngine Applications Manager Build No: 12700
Vulnerability:       Information Disclosure and Un-Authenticated SQL
CVSSv3:              9.3
Severity:            Critical
Release Date:        2016-05-05
I. Background
ManageEngine Applications Manager is an Application Performance Monitoring across physical, virtual and cloud environments.
II. Description
For details about the fix please visit
Information Disclosure:
Some scripts were accessible without authentication, which allowed public access to sensitive data such as licensing information and Monitored Server Details like name IP and maintenance schedule.
License Information:
List of Maintenance tasks:
Details of Maintenance tasks with details about monitored server:
SQL Injection:
The script is vulnerable to a Boolean based blind, and Union based SQL injection, that allows complete unauthorized access to the back-end database, according to the level of privileges of the application database user.
Vulnerable URL:
Vulnerable Parameter: GET parameter taskid
Boolean Based Blind SQL Injection PoC: 
and 1=1  (True)
and 1=2  (False)
The following will include the Database Name in the Schedule Details
Description text box:
Union-Based SQL Injection PoC: Number of Columns 15, ORDER BY was
MSSQL: During our testing, the payload needed to be URL Encoded.
MYSQL: During our testing, the payload did not need URL Encoding.
III. Impact
Information Disclosure Impact:
An attacker might make use of the intelligence gathered through information leakages such as these for further attacks against the application, and its underlying infrastructure
Un-Authenticated SQL Injection Impact:
Access to sensitive information, stored in the application Database server, depending on the privileges of the application's database user. 
IV. Remediation
Apply Vendor supplied patch build #12710, details are available at
V. Disclosure
Reported By: Saif El-Sherei, @saif_sherei, [email protected]
Discovery Date:         2016-02-29
Vendor Informed:        2016-03-04
Advisory Release Date:  2016-05-05
Patch Release Date:     2016-04-28
Advisory Updated:       2016-05-05

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