Thru Managed File Transfer Portal 9.0.2 - SQL Injection

ID 1337DAY-ID-24928
Type zdt
Reporter SySS GmbH
Modified 2016-02-22T00:00:00


Exploit for asp platform in category web applications

                                            Product: Thru Managed File Transfer Portal
Manufacturer: Thru
Affected Version(s): 9.0.2
Tested Version(s): 9.0.2
Vulnerability Type: SQL Injection (CWE-89)  
Risk Level: High
Solution Status: Open
Manufacturer Notification: 2015-10-28
Solution Date: 2016-01-22
Public Disclosure: 2016-02-15
CVE Reference: Not yet assigned
Authors of Advisory: Dr. Erlijn van Genuchten, Danny Österreicher 
                     (SySS GmbH)
Thru Managed File Transfer Portal is a web based file transfer application. 
According to the Thru website [1], the application aims to offload large 
file transfer to a single platform, to protect files, to replace FTP 
servers and to allow access to files anytime, anywhere.
An SQL injection vulnerability was identified in one of the GET request.
Vulnerability Details:
The SQL injection vulnerability was found in a GET request that causes  
contact data to be sorted. At least the attribute values of sortorder
and  letterrange are not correctly sanitized and therefore can be abused
to  inject arbitrary SQL statements.
Proof of Concept (PoC):
The following HTTP request can be used to show that the SQL statement 
causing a delay is executed and results in a 500 server error:
GET /App/asp///contacts.asp?sortorder=1;WAITFOR+DELAY+'0:0:5'--&letterrange=all&fromrec=0&torec=20 HTTP/1.1
Host: [HOST]
Cookie: [COOKIES]
The reported security vulnerability has been fixed in a new software
release. Update to the new software version.
Disclosure Timeline:
2015-10-27: Vulnerability discovered
2015-10-28: Vulnerability reported to manufacturer
2016-01-22: Manufacturer announced update
2016-02-15: Public release of security advisory
[1] Thru Homepage
[2] SySS Security Advisory SYSS-2015-056
[3] SySS Responsible Disclosure Policy

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