CodoForum 3.3.1 - Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities

ID 1337DAY-ID-24082
Type zdt
Reporter Tim Coen
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Exploit for php platform in category web applications

                                            CodoForum 3.3.1: Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities
Security Advisory – Curesec Research Team
1. Introduction
Affected Product:   CodoForum 3.3.1  
Fixed in:     3.4
Fixed Version Link:
Vendor Contact:   [email protected]  
Vulnerability Type:   Multiple SQL injections  
Remote Exploitable:   Yes  
Reported to vendor:   07/07/2015  
Disclosed to public:   08/07/2015  
Release mode:     Coordinated  
CVE:   n/a  
Credits     Tim Coen of Curesec GmbH  
2. Vulnerability Description
There are two SQL injections in the CodoForum application. One is a
blind injection which does not require any credentials, the other is a
normal SQL injection which does require that the attacker be authenticated.
These vulnerabilities can lead to data leaks as well as compromisation
of the host.
SQL Injection 1 (Blind)
The script that parses the request URL and displays posts depending on
the retrieved id does not use proper protection against SQL injections.
It does cast the retrieved user input to int, but it does not use this
value, but the original value instead.
The retrieved values are never displayed to the end user, making this a
blind injection. An attacker does not need to be authenticated to
perform this attack.
Proof of Concept:
        http://localhost/codoforum/index.php?u=/page/6 and
        -> true (terms and services displayed)
        http://localhost/codoforum/index.php?u=/page/6 and
        -> false ("You do not have enough permissions to view this page!")
            $pid = (int) $id;
            $user = \CODOF\User\User::get();
            $qry = 'SELECT title, content FROM ' . PREFIX . 'codo_pages p '
                    . ' LEFT JOIN ' . PREFIX . 'codo_page_roles r ON '
                    . ' WHERE (r.rid IS NULL OR  (r.rid IS NOT NULL AND
r.rid IN (' . implode($user->rids) . ')))'
                    . ' AND' . $id;
SQL Injection 2
The script processing the mass sending of email does not properly handle
the subject, body, or roles arguments it retrieves from a POST request.
The script can only be accessed by authenticated users.
The following request:
POST: subject=USER_SUPPLIED_subj&body=USER_SUPPLIED_body
for example results in this query:
INSERT INTO codo_mail_queue (to_address, mail_subject, body) SELECT
mail, 'USER_SUPPLIED_subj', 'USER_SUPPLIED_body' FROM codo_users AS u
            $subject = html_entity_decode($_POST['subject'],
            $body = html_entity_decode($_POST['body'], ENT_NOQUOTES,
                if (isset($_POST['roles'])) {
                    $condition = " INNER JOIN " . PREFIX .
"codo_user_roles AS r ON "
                            . " WHERE r.rid IN  (" .
implode($_POST['roles']) . ")";
                $qry = "INSERT INTO " . PREFIX . "codo_mail_queue
(to_address, mail_subject, body)"
                        . " SELECT mail, '$subject', '$body' FROM " .
PREFIX . "codo_users AS u"
                        . $condition;
3. Solution
Upgrade to Version 3.4:
4. Report Timeline
07/07/2015   Informed Vendor about Issue
07/07/2015   Vendor confirmation
08/03/2015   Vendor releases Version 3.4
08/07/2015   Disclosed to public

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