ManageEngine Support Center Plus 7916 - Directory Traversal

ID 1337DAY-ID-21826
Type zdt
Reporter xistence
Modified 2014-01-29T00:00:00


ManageEngine Support Center Plus versions 7916 and below suffer from a directory traversal vulnerability.

xistence < xistence[at]0x90[.]nl >
Affected products:
ManageEngine Support Center Plus 7916 and lower
Affected vendors:
Product description:
SupportCenter Plus is a web-based customer support software that lets
organizations effectively manage customer tickets,
their account & contact information, the service contracts and in the
process providing a superior customer experience.
[ 0x01 - Directory Traversal ]
Support Center Plus 7916 and lower is prone to a directory traversal
vulnerability. When creating a ticket and attaching
a file, this can be tampered to link to a local file on the server side.
By downloading the attachment from the ticket, the server file is
downloaded with the same privileges as the
Support Center Plus instance, which on windows is SYSTEM. On linux Support
Center Plus is mostly installed as the root user.
POST parameters when submitting a ticket to the / url and
attaching the server /etc/passwd:
Upgrade to a build higher than 7916.
Fixed somewhere back in 2013 :)

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