Kaseya 6.2 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

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Kaseya version 6.2 suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability.

                                            RA005: Persistent XSS Injection Vulnerability in Kaseya 6.2


At Kiwicon 6 in my talk "Managed Service Pwnage", I demonstrated
trivial flaws in Kaseya, ManageEngine and
N-Central that could all be used to gain admin access. In accordance
with responsible disclosure
policy, no exploit code was released.

The intention of these demonstrations was to get the MSP industry as a
whole to wake up and take
security seriously. It's evident from my cursory research that nobody
in this industry does, as
none of the flaws demonstrated would have been present.

RA005-1: Persistent XSS Injection via TempPath Variable in Kaseya Agent

A persistent XSS injection vulnerability was discovered in Kaseya
using the Kaseya Agent as an injection vector.
Specifically, it was found that the contents of the TempPath registry
key was posted directly to the server
with no validation. Furthermore, when displaying the value, no url
encoding was performed.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Install the Kaseya Agent on a test computer.
2. Stop the Kaseya Agent service.
3. Setting the TempPath registry key to c:\kw<script>alert('xss')</script>orking
4. Restart the Kaseya Agent and allow it to log in.
5. Mouseover the agent's icon in the kaseya console.
6. Observe the 'xss' popup.


September 2012: Vulnerability discovered.
November 17, 2012: Vulnerability demonstrated publically at Kiwicon 6.
                   Details of vulnerability confidentially disclosed
to Kaseya representative present.
November 19, 2012: Kaseya releases HotFix 2690: "Optimize script
injection handling in agent working folder path".
November 20, 2012: Script injection flaw confirmed fixed.
December 1, 2012: Advisory posted to full-disclosure, as well as
published on the web at the following URL:


Suggested Reading

For the Kaseya Dev Team :-)

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Web App Hackers Handbook 2nd Edition: http://mdsec.net/wahh/

About Kaseya

from Wikipedia:

Kaseya is an international company that produces remote-management
software for the IT industry.
It develops and sells commercial software to remotely manage and
monitor computers running Windows,
OSX, and Linux operating systems.

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