Format Factory - Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

ID 1337DAY-ID-18178
Type zdt
Reporter Benjamin K.M.
Modified 2012-05-01T00:00:00


Exploit for windows platform in category local exploits

Format Factory - Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities

The following video has been produced by Ibrahim El-Sayed & Benjamin Kunz Mejri. The video is about how to identify different 
local stack- & buffer overflow vulnerabilities in the format factory software. The video is splitted in 2 parts of exploitation.

1. Local Buffer overflow without overwrite registers
2. Local Buffer Overflow with overwrite ECX registers
3. Local Stack Buffer Overflow with overwrite EIP registers

The video teach you how to discover different type of local buffer overflows. Enjoy the video & send it to your friends to share experience. 

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