VMware Remote Console e.x.p build-158248 - format string vulnerability

ID 1337DAY-ID-11761
Type zdt
Reporter Alexey Sintsov
Modified 2010-04-12T00:00:00


Exploit for multiple platform in category dos / poc

VMware Remote Console e.x.p build-158248 - format string vulnerability  

Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] Advisory DSECRG-09-053
Application: VMware Remoute Console
Version: e.x.p build-158248
Vendor URL: http://vmware.com
Bugs: Format String Vulnerabilitys
Exploits: YES (PoC)
Reported: 07.08.2009
Vendor response: 13.08.2009
Date of Public Advisory: 09.04.2010
CVE: CVE-2009-3732
VSA: VMSA-2010-0007
Authors: Alexey Sintsov of
Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] (research [at] dsecrg [dot] com)
VMware Remote Console Plug-in can be installed from WEB
interface of VMware vSphere. This software contains of ActiveX
objects and executable files for remote console of guest OS.
VMrc vulnerable to format string attacks. Exploitation of this issue
may lead to arbitrary code execution on the system where VMrc is installed.
Attacker can make shortcut with special parameters for
vmware-vmrc.exe and bad MOID or HOST parameter. If a user try to use
this shortcut to connect to vSphere server he will see next message
"Error opening the remote virtual
machine HOST\MOID: The object has already been deleted
or has not been completely created."
If user name or password will be incorrect the user also gets error
message box.
Parameters HOST and MOID are addicted to format injection.
Also this vuln. can be exploited remotely by special crafted html page.
ActiveX element: clsid:B94C2238-346E-4C5E-9B36-8CC627F35574
Attacker can rewrite stack data and may be it's possible to code
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VMware\VMware Remote Console Plug-in>vmware-vmrc.exe -u vmware_user -h HOST -M AAAA:%x.%x.%x.%x.:BBBB
VMDlg::ShowDialog: Error opening the remote virtual machine
objectVMRC.connect ("host" ,"username" ,"password",
"%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x:%x" ,"X" ,2);
Fix Information
VMware has released the following patch for
ESX 4.0: ESX400-200911223-UG
Also this issue solved in vCenter 4.0 Update 1

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