Wallarm Teams up with NGINX Plus to Provide Advanced Security

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Wallarm is excited to be a pioneer security vendor in NGINX Certified Module program and provide trusted and verified security functionality to NGINX Plus customers.

> “We are pleased to announce that Wallarm is now part of the NGINX Plus Certified Module program with the Wallarm Next Generation WAF. As part of the program Wallarm can now provide a fully validated and supported Web Application Security solution for NGINX Plus customers”
Paul Oh, head of Business Development at NGINX Inc.

As long time friends and technology partners of NGINX, we’ve worked hard and collaborated with the NGINX’s team to make sure Wallarm works well and performs at the speed of load balancer. See our earlier guide on securing web applications with Wallarm and NGINX.

With the new Certified Module program, customers are assured that Wallarm Next Generation WAF which has passed a battery of certification tests, has available support, and is tested and certified with the latest R12 version of NGINX Plus.

NGINX is a high-performance web server, load balancer and reverse proxy which runs over 350 Million websites. It is the world’s fastest growing application delivery platform.

NGINX Plus extends open source NGINX by adding advanced capabilities and commercial support enterprises need for production environments.

NGINX customers who are moving towards CI/CD application delivery model, will benefit from advanced Wallarm features in active protection of http applications with adaptive signature-free security rules, low false positives, vulnerability verification and root cause analysis. In addition, Wallarm traffic analyses capability allows us to decipher and protect even the most complex nested protocols and provide native support for modern APIs implemented in HTTP/2, Websockets and other modern technologies, whether for traditional web sites or for microservices..

With this partnership, NGINX enterprise customers can confidently add Wallarm’s application security benefits to the advanced NGINX Plus features they came to rely on, assured that both Wallarm and NGINX are working together to ensure their success.

Wallarm is thrilled to work with NGINX to ensure that the customer receives a complete solution rather than a collection of piece parts. To learn more about securing applications on NGINX, contact us for a demo.

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