Syneto EMail Protection 1.5.1 - Code Execution Vulnerability

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Syneto EMail Protection 1.5.1 - Code Execution Vulnerability 

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Product & Service Introduction:
Email Protection is a powerful perimeter email anti-malware product. It fights spam, viruses, zombies 
and phishing attacks, provides realtime updates and powerful reporting capabilities that help prevent 
email threats from reaching your computers, thus reducing costs and increasing productivity.
The web content filter helps ensure that employees access only those resources that help them accomplish 
work related activities. Access to time wasting social networks like Twitter and Facebook can be restricted 
or completely eliminated. Internet crime is at an all-time high. There are thousands of sites that try to 
steal credit card information or install viruses and spyware programs on your computer. Sadly, at the rate 
that they are appearing, anything less than a fully automated solution won’t catch them. By blocking malware 
websites using Web Protection, you make sure nobody will ever access them, and lower the risk for data 
and financial losses. Legislation makes it the company’s responsibility to ensure a safe environment for the 
employees. That includes restricting access to potentially illegal resources and websites. The Application 
Filter can block downloads from P2P networks (torrents, aMule etc.) or via Instant Messengers. A lot of similar 
products are built by highly technical engineers and as such, lack attention to regular users who a lot of 
times are frustrated by seemingly impossible configuration interfaces. Our development philosophy emphasizes 
ease of use, so we spend a lot of time doing usability studies that help us create easy to use, yet powerful 
products. Configuring and deploying such a product can be a real challenge in more complex environments. We 
offer professional technical support to all our customers, thus making sure they get from zero to a fully 
functioning installation in the shortest time possible. Each business is unique and so is their I.T. infrastructure. 
Our customers demand ease of integration into existing networks. Web Protection can be deployed in a variety 
of scenarios, thanks to its ability to come in several versions (hardware, software and virtualized).

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Abstract Advisory Information:
The Vulnerability Laboratory Researcher Team discovered multiple web vulnerabilities in Syneto Total EMail Protection Appliance v1.5.1 PE.

Vulnerability Disclosure Timeline:
2012-05-04:	Researcher Notification & Coordination
2012-05-06:	Vendor Notification
2012-05-28:	Vendor Response/Feedback
2012-00-00:	Vendor Fix/Patch
2012-00-00:	Public or Non-Public Disclosure

Discovery Status:

Affected Product(s):
Product: Total EMail Protection 1.5.1 Professional Edition

Exploitation Technique:

Severity Level:

Technical Details & Description:
A code execution vulnerability with persistent (db stored) effect is detected in Syneto Total EMail Protection Appliance v1.5.1 PE.
The vulnerability is located on the remote backup module & stored version display in the syneto firmware update function. The bugs 
allows remote attackers or low privileged user accounts to load backup files via url as file value request with unsanitized name. 
Attackers can include as the url file name of the value request own program code like statements, exploits, malware or malicious 
script codes to compromise the system. The executed url context will be displayed as last update request on the firmware when 
successfully exploited by attackers. The vulnerability is only exploitable with high privileged email protection appliance application account.

Vulnerable Module(s):
				[+] Backup Module URL & Note


Proof of Concept (PoC):
The persistent input validation vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote attacker with low or medium required 
user inter action. For demonstration or reproduce ...

Review: Backup Module URL & Note

<tr class="tableRowEven" id="remote_backup_109186">
<td class="backup_info_cell_sticky"><img src="backups.php3-Dateien/disabled.gif"></td>
<td class="backup_info_cell_timestamp">4 May 2012 04:55</td>
<td class="backup_info_cell_file">
<a href="
tab=remote_backups">\"><a href=></a>
<td class="backup_info_cell_notes">"><iframe src="backups.php3-Dateien/a.htm" [EXECUTES CODE HERE!]' <<="" td="">        
<td class="backup_info_cell_version 

https://eps.[DB CODE EXECUTION]

Security Risk:
The security risk of the code execution vulnerability is estimated as medium(-).

Credits & Authors:
Vulnerability Laboratory [Research Team]  -    Benjamin Kunz Mejri (

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