Product release: Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform 3.5 Update 2 (3.5.2-34)

ID VZA-2020-022
Type virtuozzo
Reporter Virtuozzo
Modified 2020-03-31T00:00:00


This update provides new features as well as bug fixes and improvements. Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31884, VSTOR-31885 Update from version 3.5.0 to 3.5.1 may get stuck in the "Updating" status.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31860 The root partition on Kubernetes master nodes is not resized to the specified volume size.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31670 Kubernetes cluster creation may fail with "Failed to download Kubeconfig" error.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31218 Unable to update 3.5 clusters in Microsoft Azure (also affects clusters that have little space on the boot partition).

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31204 Empty graphs after update from version 3.0.5 to 3.5.1.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31023 Cannot create a management node backup if tier 0 has no assigned disks.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-32297 Failed to exit the maintenance mode because the window is blocked by a spinner.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31854 Impossible to bring down a bonded interface with a VLAN assigned to it.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31786 Wrong timezone of a new Kubernetes cluster.

Vulnerability id: VSTOR-31032, VSTOR-31650, VSTOR-31653, VSTOR-31874, VSTOR-32036, VSTOR-32108, VSTOR-32223 Stability and performance improvements.