Important kernel security update: updated fix for CVE-2017-1000364; new kernel 2.6.32-042stab123.9, Virtuozzo 6.0 Update 12 Hotfix 13 (6.0.12-3681)

ID VZA-2017-061
Type virtuozzo
Reporter Virtuozzo
Modified 2017-07-04T00:00:00


This update provides a new kernel 2.6.32-042stab123.9 for Virtuozzo 6.0. The new kernel is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 kernel 2.6.32-696.el6 and introduces an update for a security fix. Vulnerability id: OVZ-6911 An updated fix for CVE-2017-1000364 (kernel: heap/stack gap jumping via unbounded stack allocations). The fix released in the 042stab123.8 kernel was not fully correct.