Dm-verity is used for extending root-of-trust to root filesystems. LoadPin builds on this property to restrict module/firmware loads to just the trusted root filesystem. Device-mapper table reloads currently allow users with root privileges to switch out the target with an equivalent dm-linear target and bypass verification till reboot. This allows root to bypass LoadPin and can be used to load untrusted and unverified kernel modules and firmware, which implies arbitrary kernel execution and persistence for peripherals that do not verify firmware updates. We recommend upgrading past commit 4caae58406f8ceb741603eee460d79bacca9b1b5

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
ubuntu 20.04 linux 5.4.0-126.142
ubuntu 22.04 linux 5.15.0-47.51
ubuntu 14.04 linux any
ubuntu upstream linux 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 16.04 linux any
ubuntu 20.04 linux-aws 5.4.0-1085.92
ubuntu 22.04 linux-aws 5.15.0-1019.23
ubuntu 14.04 linux-aws any
ubuntu upstream linux-aws 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 16.04 linux-aws any
ubuntu upstream linux-aws-5.0 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-aws-5.15 5.15.0-1019.23~20.04.1
ubuntu upstream linux-aws-5.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-aws-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-aws-hwe 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-azure 5.4.0-1091.96
ubuntu 22.04 linux-azure 5.15.0-1019.24
ubuntu upstream linux-azure 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-azure-4.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-azure-5.15 5.15.0-1019.24~20.04.1
ubuntu upstream linux-azure-5.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-azure-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-azure-edge 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-azure-fde 5.4.0-1091.96+cvm1.1
ubuntu 22.04 linux-azure-fde 5.15.0-1019.24
ubuntu upstream linux-azure-fde 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-bluefield 5.4.0-1046.51
ubuntu upstream linux-bluefield 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-dell300x 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-fips 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 16.04 linux-fips any
ubuntu 20.04 linux-gcp 5.4.0-1089.97
ubuntu 22.04 linux-gcp 5.15.0-1017.23
ubuntu upstream linux-gcp 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-gcp-4.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-gcp-5.15 5.15.0-1017.23~20.04.2
ubuntu upstream linux-gcp-5.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-gcp-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 22.04 linux-gke 5.15.0-1015.18
ubuntu upstream linux-gke 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-gke-4.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-gke-5.0 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-gke-5.15 5.15.0-1015.18~20.04.1
ubuntu upstream linux-gke-5.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-gke-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-gkeop 5.4.0-1053.56
ubuntu 22.04 linux-gkeop 5.15.0-1002.4
ubuntu upstream linux-gkeop 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-gkeop-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-hwe 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-hwe-5.15 5.15.0-48.54~20.04.1
ubuntu upstream linux-hwe-5.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-hwe-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-hwe-edge 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-ibm 5.4.0-1033.37
ubuntu 22.04 linux-ibm 5.15.0-1013.15
ubuntu upstream linux-ibm 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-ibm-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-intel-5.13 any
ubuntu upstream linux-intel-5.13 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 22.04 linux-intel-iotg 5.15.0-1015.20
ubuntu upstream linux-intel-iotg 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-intel-iotg-5.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-kvm 5.4.0-1075.80
ubuntu 22.04 linux-kvm 5.15.0-1017.21
ubuntu upstream linux-kvm 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 16.04 linux-kvm any
ubuntu 22.04 linux-lowlatency 5.15.0-47.53
ubuntu upstream linux-lowlatency 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-lowlatency-hwe-5.15 5.15.0-48.54~20.04.1
ubuntu upstream linux-lowlatency-hwe-5.15 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 14.04 linux-lts-xenial any
ubuntu upstream linux-lts-xenial 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-oem 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-oem-5.10 any
ubuntu upstream linux-oem-5.10 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-oem-5.14 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-oem-5.17 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-oem-5.6 any
ubuntu upstream linux-oem-5.6 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-oem-osp1 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-oracle 5.4.0-1083.91
ubuntu 22.04 linux-oracle 5.15.0-1017.22
ubuntu upstream linux-oracle 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-oracle-5.0 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-oracle-5.13 any
ubuntu upstream linux-oracle-5.13 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-oracle-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu 20.04 linux-raspi 5.4.0-1070.80
ubuntu 22.04 linux-raspi 5.15.0-1014.16
ubuntu upstream linux-raspi 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-raspi-5.4 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-raspi2 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-riscv 5.19~rc1
ubuntu upstream linux-snapdragon 5.19~rc1