An issue was discovered in drivers/net/ethernet/arc/emac_main.c in the Linux kernel before 4.5. A use-after-free is caused by a race condition between the functions arc_emac_tx and arc_emac_tx_clean. #### Notes Author| Note ---|--- [tyhicks](<https://launchpad.net/~tyhicks>) | Setting the priority to low since the ARC EMAC ethernet device driver is for legacy FPGA boards which are unlikely to have a high numbers of users

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
ubuntu 12.04 linux any
ubuntu 14.04 linux any
ubuntu upstream linux 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 16.04 linux 4.4.0-166.195
ubuntu 14.04 linux-aws 4.4.0-1056.60
ubuntu upstream linux-aws 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 16.04 linux-aws 4.4.0-1096.107
ubuntu upstream linux-aws-hwe 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 14.04 linux-azure any
ubuntu upstream linux-azure 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-azure-edge 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-gcp 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-gcp-edge 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-gke-4.15 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-gke-5.0 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-hwe 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-hwe-edge 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-kvm 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 16.04 linux-kvm 4.4.0-1060.67
ubuntu 12.04 linux-lts-trusty any
ubuntu upstream linux-lts-trusty 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 14.04 linux-lts-xenial 4.4.0-166.195~14.04.1
ubuntu upstream linux-lts-xenial 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-oem 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 16.04 linux-oem any
ubuntu upstream linux-oracle 4.5~rc6
ubuntu upstream linux-raspi2 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 16.04 linux-raspi2 4.4.0-1124.133
ubuntu upstream linux-snapdragon 4.5~rc6
ubuntu 16.04 linux-snapdragon 4.4.0-1128.136