LZ4 vulnerability


## Releases * Ubuntu 21.04 * Ubuntu 20.10 * Ubuntu 20.04 LTS * Ubuntu 18.04 ESM ## Packages * lz4 \- Extremely fast compression algorithm It was discovered that LZ4 incorrectly handled certain memory operations. If a user or automated system were tricked into uncompressing a specially- crafted LZ4 file, a remote attacker could use this issue to cause LZ4 to crash, resulting in a denial of service, or possibly execute arbitrary code.

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
Ubuntu 21.04 liblz4-1 1.9.3-1ubuntu0.1
Ubuntu 21.04 liblz4-1-dbgsym 1.9.3-1ubuntu0.1
Ubuntu 21.04 liblz4-dev 1.9.3-1ubuntu0.1
Ubuntu 21.04 liblz4-tool 1.9.3-1ubuntu0.1
Ubuntu 21.04 lz4 1.9.3-1ubuntu0.1
Ubuntu 21.04 lz4-dbgsym 1.9.3-1ubuntu0.1
Ubuntu 20.10 liblz4-1 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.10.1
Ubuntu 20.10 liblz4-1-dbgsym 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.10.1
Ubuntu 20.10 liblz4-dev 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.10.1
Ubuntu 20.10 liblz4-tool 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.10.1
Ubuntu 20.10 lz4 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.10.1
Ubuntu 20.10 lz4-dbgsym 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.10.1
Ubuntu 20.04 liblz4-1 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1
Ubuntu 20.04 liblz4-1-dbgsym 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1
Ubuntu 20.04 liblz4-dev 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1
Ubuntu 20.04 liblz4-tool 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1
Ubuntu 20.04 lz4 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1
Ubuntu 20.04 lz4-dbgsym 1.9.2-2ubuntu0.20.04.1
Ubuntu 18.04 liblz4-1 0.0~r131-2ubuntu3.1
Ubuntu 18.04 liblz4-1-dbg 0.0~r131-2ubuntu3.1
Ubuntu 18.04 liblz4-dev 0.0~r131-2ubuntu3.1
Ubuntu 18.04 liblz4-tool 0.0~r131-2ubuntu3.1