Squid vulnerabilities


## Releases * Ubuntu 20.10 * Ubuntu 20.04 LTS * Ubuntu 18.04 ESM * Ubuntu 16.04 ESM ## Packages * squid \- Web proxy cache server * squid3 \- Web proxy cache server Alex Rousskov and Amit Klein discovered that Squid incorrectly handled certain Content-Length headers. A remote attacker could possibly use this issue to perform an HTTP request smuggling attack, resulting in cache poisoning. This issue only affected Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. (CVE-2020-15049) Jianjun Chen discovered that Squid incorrectly validated certain input. A remote attacker could use this issue to perform HTTP Request Smuggling and possibly access services forbidden by the security controls. (CVE-2020-25097)

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
Ubuntu 20.10 squid 4.13-1ubuntu2.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squid 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-cgi 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-cgi-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-common 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-purge 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-purge-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squidclient 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 20.04 squidclient-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.3
Ubuntu 18.04 squid 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.10
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-cgi 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.10
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-common 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.10
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-dbg 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.10
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-purge 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.10
Ubuntu 18.04 squid3 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.10
Ubuntu 18.04 squidclient 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.10
Ubuntu 16.04 squid 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-cgi 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-cgi-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-common 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-dbg 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-purge 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-purge-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squid3 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squidclient 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16
Ubuntu 16.04 squidclient-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.16