Squid vulnerabilities


## Releases * Ubuntu 20.04 LTS * Ubuntu 19.10 * Ubuntu 18.04 LTS * Ubuntu 16.04 ESM ## Packages * squid \- Web proxy cache server * squid3 \- Web proxy cache server Jeriko One discovered that Squid incorrectly handled certain Edge Side Includes (ESI) responses. A malicious remote server could cause Squid to crash, possibly poison the cache, or possibly execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2019-12519, CVE-2019-12521) It was discovered that Squid incorrectly handled the hostname parameter to cachemgr.cgi when certain browsers are used. A remote attacker could possibly use this issue to inject HTML or invalid characters in the hostname parameter. This issue only affected Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, and Ubuntu 19.10. (CVE-2019-18860) Clément Berthaux and Florian Guilbert discovered that Squid incorrectly handled Digest Authentication nonce values. A remote attacker could use this issue to replay nonce values, or possibly execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2020-11945)

Affected Package

OS OS Version Package Name Package Version
Ubuntu 20.04 squid 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-cgi 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-cgi-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-common 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-purge 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squid-purge-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squidclient 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 20.04 squidclient-dbgsym 4.10-1ubuntu1.1
Ubuntu 19.10 squid 4.8-1ubuntu2.3
Ubuntu 18.04 squid 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.6
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-cgi 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.6
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-common 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.6
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-dbg 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.6
Ubuntu 18.04 squid-purge 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.6
Ubuntu 18.04 squid3 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.6
Ubuntu 18.04 squidclient 3.5.27-1ubuntu1.6
Ubuntu 16.04 squid 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-cgi 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-cgi-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-common 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-dbg 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-purge 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid-purge-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squid3 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squidclient 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11
Ubuntu 16.04 squidclient-dbgsym 3.5.12-1ubuntu7.11