PHP vulnerabilities

ID USN-342-1
Type ubuntu
Reporter Ubuntu
Modified 2006-09-07T00:00:00


The sscanf() function did not properly check array boundaries. In applications which use sscanf() with argument swapping, a remote attacker could potentially exploit this to crash the affected web application or even execute arbitrary code with the application’s privileges. (CVE-2006-4020)

The file_exists() and imap_reopen() functions did not perform proper open_basedir and safe_mode checks which could allow local scripts to bypass intended restrictions. (CVE-2006-4481)

On 64 bit systems the str_repeat() and wordwrap() functions did not properly check buffer boundaries. Depending on the application, this could potentially be exploited to execute arbitrary code with the applications’ privileges. This only affects the amd64 and sparc platforms. (CVE-2006-4482)

A buffer overflow was discovered in the LWZReadByte_() function of the GIF image file parser. By tricking a PHP application into processing a specially crafted GIF image, a remote attacker could exploit this to execute arbitrary code with the application’s privileges. (CVE-2006-4484)