This Week in Security News: Bank Robberies and Whaling

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Reporter Jon Clay (Global Threat Communications)
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Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days. This week, business leaders share their tips on keeping their companies safe, hackers stole from a Russian central bank, and Google reveals a new Microsoft Edge flaw.

Read on to learn more.

Securing Our Connected Car Future with Panasonic

There are few more exciting frontiers of the Internet of Things (IoT) than connected cars. Gartner predicts that there will be 61 million vehicles with built-in connectivity on our roads by 2020. But as we drive ever closer to a future where autonomous vehicles are a commonplace sight, we must be alert to the implications of cyber-threats in this domain.

Vodafone CISO Amit Pradhan explains top five cyber security risks facing Indian telecom sector

The inability of the CISO to deliver will result in telcos failing to respond to competition faster and will also affect the competitive edge.

Hackers pilfered $6M from Russian central bank via SWIFT system

Hackers nicked $6 million from the Russian central bank last year via the SWIFT messaging system, according to report from the bank.

Google reveals Edge flaw after Microsoft fails to meet deadline

Google’s Project Zero has gone public with another Microsoft security vulnerability after the software giant failed to issue a fix within allotted time.

Securing IoT Networks

Legacy IoT devices, Industrial Control Systems with custom networking, are exceptionally difficult to secure. Typically, these devices contain only enough compute capabilities to support their primary operational function.

Air Force security hackathon leads to record payout

HackerOne has revealed the results of the Hack the Air Force 2.0 challenge from the end of 2017, and it led to volunteers discovering 106 vulnerabilities across roughly 300 of the USAF's public websites.

Malware Attack Will Reportedly Cost Allentown, PA. US$1 Million

A sustained malware attack that started more than a week ago heavily impacted operations in the city __of Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Trend Micro Achieves “Recommended” Rating from NSS Labs in Data Center IPS Group Test

One of the key use cases for our customers is the protection of their data center environments, which can involve moving off the perimeter into the data center or segmenting their data center from the rest of the organization.

Cybersecurity experts warn on ‘whaling attacks’

Cybersecurity experts have warned so-called ‘whaling attacks’, in which company CEOs are targeted by scammers, have tripled in the past year.

How Much Are You Worth in the Online Data Economy?

With the explosion of data from connected devices, the utility of this to attackers can only increase. As result, its value is consequentially higher.

Penn Medicine CISO: 3 Strategies every security team should have

Information Security leaders need to use a new level of awareness as an opportunity to implement some of the fundamental security controls.

Vulnerabilities Broke Records Yet Again in 2017

Last year was another one for the record books when it came to software vulnerabilities: published security flaws jumped by 31% in 2017.

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