Customer-driven Rapid Innovation for Hybrid Cloud Security

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Cyber threats have no boundaries; they come in new and evolving forms, capable of striking at any time … so it becomes important that your threat protection extends beyond conventional boundaries as well. In the past, on premise versions of security solutions were held up by long development cycles and significant regression periods. These delays prevented customers from getting improved methods of defense quickly and deployed to a data center, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

As we discussed in bringing data center security to cloud speed, continuous delivery of security and functionality enhancements is much easier in SaaS-only offerings. For various reasons including privacy and compliance, some customers require on premise management and local storage of security data. Trend Micro's Deep Security team remains committed to bringing continuous improvements to your on-premise environments while meeting compliance and performance requirements. I’m excited to share that the Deep Security team is indeed on top of their game! For a 3rd time this year, they are releasing major functionality to our customers deploying on premise.

Deep Security 10.2 elevates our XGen™ security, adding high-fidelity machine learning and enhanced application control to our cross-generational blend of threat defense techniques. The machine learning helps defend cloud and data center servers from unknown advanced threats including ransomware attacks like WannaCry and Bad Rabbit across the hybrid cloud.

Organizations are already taking the steps to collect lists of known bad hashes, gathered from threat sharing sources or internally generated from targeted attacks. With 10.2 you can now block hashes globally throughout the organization. Application Control allows users to automate both white and black list protection, through APIs across the hybrid cloud. In addition, it proactively detects and allows updates from trusted installers and reduces the management overhead associated with whitelisting.

This release includes support for the latest platforms and a new money saving feature of PostgreSQL support for the manager component, reducing the overall TCO of the on premise Deep Security solution. Always striving to provide a good user experience with Deep Security, we’ve delivered on our customers’ requests for features like detailed billing reporting for consumption visibility of paid-by-the-hour security for agile environments.

When I talked to Adam Boyle, Director of Product Management for Deep Security he shared that the Deep Security team is focused on continuous delivery of critical features and functionality and works closely with customers across multiple industries for optimized protection requirements. This continuous delivery model provides enhancements packaged in smaller feature releases and released often to improve the time to protection for our clients. This ensures customers have rapid access to innovations, no matter the deployment model and new forms of threat defense to evolve with the threat landscape.

For the future of the Deep Security platform, our goal is to provide frictionless automated security across the hybrid cloud, thereby helping customers to manage and license as few tools as possible. We are committed to improving security, operations, and integrations across the data center landscape. Not only does this include platforms like VMware and cloud providers, but also continuous integration and delivery platforms like Jenkins, GitHub, Ansible, Chef and Puppet. With Deep Security, threat protection is a cohesive part the CI/CD pipeline so security is aware of trusted updates.

A complete solution that is smart, connected, and optimized for today’s vulnerabilities is critical in establishing the protection of your business environments, data, and people for the best possible outcomes against an evolving threat landscape. The Deep Security team continues to work with customers to innovate and deliver across SaaS, Marketplace and on premise environments to bring organizations a solution that works for modern security teams.

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