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Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days.

Below you’ll find a quick recap of topics followed by links to news articles and/or our blog posts providing additional insight. Be sure to check back each Friday for highlights of the goings-on each week!

Beware of ‘Double Whammy’ Cyberattacks

_As seen in recent attacks, such as Bad Rabbit and NotPetya, a new style of hacking has emerged. This style of attack leverages not one, but two separate malware-supported attacks. In this setup, one attack serves as a distraction, masking the malicious activities of the other malware as it flies under the radar.__ _

Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Took a Hit after another Cryptocurrency Was Hacked

_The value of bitcoin briefly took a dip on Monday evening after a big theft allegedly affected a separate virtual currency system called Tether. The Tether team said they would blacklist the address, so the $30,950,010 worth of tokens stolen in the hack could not be converted into U.S. dollars. __ _

Cobalt Strikes Russian Banks Again

The waves of backdoor-laden spam emails that targeted Russian-speaking businesses earlier this year were part of Cobalt’s bigger campaigns. In their recent campaigns, they used two different infection chains, with social engineering hooks that were designed to invoke a sense of urgency in its recipients.

Hackers Demand Money to Stop Attack on Sacramento’s Transit System

Hackers looking for a payout have hit the Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) system, defacing the agency website, erasing data from some of its servers, and demanding money to stop the attack and not do further damage. _SacRT decided not to respond to the message or pay up.__ _

U.S. Prosecutors Charge Iranian Hacker Group in 'Game of Thrones' Hack

_U.S. prosecutors have charged an Iranian-based hacker, Behzad Mesri, with penetrating the network of cable TV provider HBO and stealing episodes and plot summaries for unaired programs including “Game of Thrones,” then threatening to release the data unless he was paid $6 million.__ _

Hackers Stole Information from UK-based Pawnbroker Cash Converters Website

UK pawnbroker Cash Converters_ revealed that it was the victim of a data breach that could have exposed sensitive data, including customer usernames, passwords, delivery addresses, financial data and other personal details after it sent emails to customers warning about the incident. __ _

October MacOS Patch Fixes FAT Vulnerability

_October’s macOS security update contained a fix for a vulnerability that was disclosed to Apple earlier this year. The vulnerability was in the tool system that checks for and fixes errors in devices formatted with the FAT filesystem, and is automatically invoked by macOS when a device using FAT is inserted.__ _

Customers Drive Rapid Innovation for Hybrid Cloud Security

In the past, on premise versions of security solutions were held up by long development cycles and significant regression periods. These delays prevented customers from getting improved methods of defense quickly and deployed to a data center, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Optimize Your Mac

_Mac laptop and mini users often struggle to optimally use their computer’s memory or to keep their disk clean. Trend Micro’s Dr. Cleaner Pro can help your Mac perform at its best. Its powerful optimization tools can quickly free up memory and disk space.__ _

Trend Micro Protects VMware on Amazon Web Services

_Trend Micro’s Deep Security delivers multiple capabilities managed through a single connected dashboard with full visibility into leading environments like VMware, AWS, Microsoft Azure and Docker and is key for a modern threat defense solution allowing skilled resources to focus on business goals.__ _

Macs Won’t Protect You from Cyberattacks

_Mac versus PC, Apple versus Android. It’s a war that’s born a thousand memes, hundreds of advertising campaigns, and billions of search queries. In the security game, Apple have always had reasonable cause to be a little smug.__ _

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