Erase Data/Selective Data Wipe

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Reporter Chris Brook
Modified 2018-07-02T21:07:23


While the iPhone was developed, primarily, as a consumer device, it quickly became apparent to Apple that its appeal wasn’t limited to personal use. Workers everywhere were bringing their shiny new iPhones to work and using them to connect to corporate wifi networks and check their work e-mail. The folks in Cupertino soon came under pressure to add features that would make it harder for lost or stolen iPhones to cough up sensitive personal and corporate data. An early response was the selective data wipe option. Added with the 2.1 update to iOS, selective wipe allowed users to specify that the phone’s sensitive content would be erased after an incorrect device password was entered more than 10 times. Later updates would add the ability to remotely wipe the phone’s data even in cases where the password was not entered incorrectly.