North Korea upgrading cyberattack capabilities

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From AFP (Via Yahoo News)

The North Korean regime is in the process of building up its capabilities to launch offensive computer attacks, according to news reports out of South Korea. The reports say that North Korea is specifically strengthening its information warfare program with the intention of targeting its two traditional antagonists, the United States and South Korea, AFP reports.

From the report:

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency cited official sources saying that the North has a “technology reconnaissance team” dedicated to collecting information and disrupting US and South Korean military computer networks.

The team now has about 100 hackers, mostly graduates of a military academy in Pyongyang, it said.

A military spokesman told AFP that the unit had “upgraded equipment and strenghtened cyber warfare capabilities” but declined to provide further details.

Virtually every civilized nation on the planet has some sort of offensive security team now, and it stands to reason that the North Koreans would be in the mix.