October, 2006: 9.6 million Sony batteries recalled after reports of overheating

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This was just the first in what would prove to be a string
of embarrassments to the Japanese firm over the manufacture of laptop
batteries. It began with reports in both Japan and the U.S. about
Sony-manufactured lithium ion batteries that were overheating and, in some
cases, bursting into flames. The company ultimately recalled and replaced
millions of the defective batteries which were used by laptop manufacturers
like Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Sony and Toshiba. Company executives issued a
public apology for the incident, which was blamed on defects in the
manufacturing process for the batteries. Subsequent media reports provided evidence
that the company had been aware of the overheating problem with its laptop
batteries as early as December, 2005, but failed to fully investigate the issue
or take steps to address the problem.

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