Vigilant Hacker-Activist Allegedly Searched and Seized

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Reporter Brian Donohue
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It is being reported that the internet
hacker-activist calling himself the Jester who claimed responsibility for the
DDoS attacks on Wikileaks Sunday has been the subject of a search and seizure
by local law enforcement officials.

The raid reportedly
took place Monday according to a blog posted Tuesday evening on a
new webpage allegedly belonging to the Jester
. This comes just days after
the same hacker-activist claimed responsibility for a DDoS
on Wikileaks that temporarily hindered site access Sunday.

In the blog that announced
the raid, the Jester states that no charge has been filed against him at the
time of its posting. He goes on to say, “my email and WordPress accounts are
probably jeopardized so I decided to launch on my own server since nothing can
be trusted at this time.”

The attack, as noted on the Jester’s
Twitter feed (Twitter
handle @th3j35t3r
), was a reaction to the latest Wikileaks release of some 250,000 diplomatic
cables “attempting to
endanger the lives of our troops, other assets, and foreign relations.”

Tuesday morning there was a second,
stronger DDoS attack

launched on Wikileaks. There is speculation that the Jester may have been
behind the second attack as well. Fueling the speculation is a new Twitter
handle (@th3j3st3r), which like the above blog was created in the wake of
the raid, and claims to belong to the Jester. Such reports remain unverified as
the new blog and twitter handle could belong to anyone.