Visualizing Wi-Fi Networks Through Light

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Today’s Image of the Day comes from a film posted on YOUrban. The film is an exploration of the typically intangible landscape of WiFi signals. They built a WiFi measuring rod that displays strength of signal in a vertical alignment of light bars. As they moved the rod, they used long-exposure photography to light paint a cross-section of WiFi signal strength across various neighborhoods in Oslo where the extended nights of December create an optimal canvas for the light painting medium.

From the site: “The visualisations illustrate how WiFi networks in this
neighbourhood are ubiquitous, but also fragmented and qualitatively
different. The strength, consistency and reach of the network says
something about the built environment where it is set up, as well as
reflecting the size and status of the host.”_ _

Wi-Fi networks

_ _WiFi outside the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (via