Insecure Websites The Norm, Report Finds

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Reporter Brian Donohue
Modified 2013-04-17T20:09:04


Web sites are chronically insecure, according to new data from security firm WhiteHat Security.

White Hat’s Website Security Statisics for Winter, 2011, found that most websites were exposed to at least one serious vulnerability a day for between 9 and twelve months of last year, and that only 16% of websites were vulnerable for a period of time less than 30 days. On average, websites experienced 230 serious vulnerabilities in 2010, and 64% of sites had at least one information leakage vulnerability. Information leaks took over the title of “most prevalent vulnerability” from cross site scripting vulnerabilities, the long-time Web security leader.

This is the 11th edition of Whitehat’s Website Security Statistics report. The report, which is based on vulnerability data drawn from some 3,000 sites, is intended to bolster website security and prevent data loss from data breaches. You can download a PDF of the report in its entirety at the Whitehat Security Webpage.