Simplistic Facebook phishing attack seeks userIDs and passwords only

Type threatpost
Reporter Ryan Naraine
Modified 2013-04-17T16:39:07


From The Last Watchdog (Byron Acohido)

There’s power in simplicity. That’s the upshot of the phishing attack now bombarding Facebook users. Many FB’ers are receiving messages titled, simply, “Hello.” The body of the text contains a brief imperative sentence: “Check” or “Check” Several USA Today staffers have received these bogus messages.

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Clicking on the “” or “” hyperlink takes you to a realistic-looking, but counterfeit, Facebook login page, where you will be prompted to type your userID and password. You don’t have to be particularly gullible to fall for this. You can be in a hurry; multitasking on the ragged edge, networking multiple places, as part of a job where you’re being asked to do more with less. Read the full story []