The Pros And Cons of Jailbreaking Your Phone

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Reporter Paul Roberts
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Does jailbreaking your mobile phone make it less secure? Kaspersky Lab Director of Global Research and Analysis Costin Raiu offers his thoughts in this exclusive video Q&A with Threatpost Editor Ryan Naraine.

Jailbreaking your iPhone was, at one time, an activity limited to serious hardware hackers who took soldering irons to their shiny new devices – partially for street cred and partially to liberate themselves from the restrictions imposed by Apple, its U.S. network partner AT&T and others. These days – depending on what you want to do – jailbreaking your phone may be as simple as visiting a Web site like

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We all know the advantages of jailbreaking your phone: the ability to choose your carrier and install a world of third party applications that haven’t been approved by Apple, Google and the like. In some parts of the world where companies like Apple haven’t yet begun offering the iPhone, jailbreaking the device may be the only option open to consumers who wish to use it.

But does jailbreaking your phone make it less secure? Threatpost Editor and Kaspersky Lab Security Evangelist Ryan Naraine recently sat down with Costin Raiu, Director of Global Research & Analysis at Kaspersky Lab to talk over the pros and cons of jailbreaking your device.

Check it out!