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HistoryJan 20, 2011 - 4:05 a.m.

Devansh Kumar Jain Found Xss venerability in 4 Websites !

The Hacker News

Devansh Kumar Jain FoundXss venerabilityin4 Websites !

The Hacker News

Devansh Kumar Jain is a14 yearsold Hacker FromAgra, India. He found someXss venerablesites,as listed below : 1.)<script>alert(String.fromCharCode(68,69,86))</script> 2.)<script>alert(String.fromCharCode(68,69,86))</script> 3.)<h1><b><i>hi</i></b></h1> 4.)<script>alert(String.fromCharCode(68,69,86))</script>

News Source : Devansh Kumar | Via Message

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