Android M — Latest Google Android OS to be Unveiled This Month


[![android-m-6-update](https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-PUKYZtmlrdo/VUtaJwKd31I/AAAAAAAAi2Y/Gkc9OWp-3Ws/s1600/android-m-6-update.jpg)](<https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-PUKYZtmlrdo/VUtaJwKd31I/AAAAAAAAi2Y/Gkc9OWp-3Ws/s1600/android-m-6-update.jpg>) While majority of smartphone users are waiting for _[Android 5.0 Lollipop](<https://thehackernews.com/2014/10/7-things-about-android-lollipop-50-you_18.html>)_ update for their devices, Google is soon going to launch the next version of Android at its official **_Google I/O 2015 developer event_** May 28 in San Francisco. **Android M** — The name of the latest version of Android mobile operating system was spotted at the [Google I/O 2015 schedule](<https://events.google.com/io2015/schedule>) under the "_[Android for Work Update](<https://events.google.com/io2015/schedule#day1/9c8c9f91-b6d4-e411-b87f-00155d5066d7>)_" Session, which says… > "_Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces._" According to the company, this will open up "_huge new markets for hundreds of Millions of devices to workers at small businesses, logistics, deskless workers, and warehousing jobs._" However, Google appears to have since removed any mention of Android M from Google's I/O website, most probably the company wants to keep it as a surprise for Android users. Considering the full Android releases with starting letters in alphabetical order, — Android M — strongly believes to be the next version of the Android operating system. When the Google launched Android 5.0 at its developer conference last year, it was known by the name "**Android L**" before the company revealed its final name "_[Lollipop](<https://thehackernews.com/2014/10/7-things-about-android-lollipop-50-you_18.html>)_" months later. ### Some More highlights: The schedule also includes another session "**_Voice Access_**" known as "_Your app, now available hands-free_," which suggests that Google wants its users to control every feature of Android apps by their own Voice Command. > As the Voice Access session says, "_In this talk, we introduce Voice Access, a service that gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone._" The main highlights of the Google I/O schedule are yet Android M, which will eventually get some sweet sugary name too like all the previous versions of Android OS. Till then, **_What do you think the "M" will stand for?_** Will it be Mousse, Muffin, or something else? Hit the comments below.