Security update for java-1_7_0-ibm (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2018:0645-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2018-03-09T12:09:56


This update for java-1_7_0-ibm provides the following fixes:

The version was updated to [bsc#1082810]:

  • Following security issues were fixed:

    • CVE-2018-2633 CVE-2018-2637 CVE-2018-2634 CVE-2018-2582 CVE-2018-2641 CVE-2018-2618 CVE-2018-2657 CVE-2018-2603 CVE-2018-2599 CVE-2018-2602 CVE-2018-2678 CVE-2018-2677 CVE-2018-2663 CVE-2018-2588 CVE-2018-2579
  • Defect fixes:

    • IJ04281 Class Libraries: Startup time increase after applying apar IV96905
    • IJ03822 Class Libraries: Update timezone information to tzdata2017c
    • IJ03605 Java Virtual Machine: Legacy security for, trace, log was not enabled by default
    • IJ03607 JIT Compiler: Result String contains a redundant dot when converted from BigDecimal with 0 on all platforms
    • IX90185 ORB: Upgrade ibmcfw.jar to version O1800.01
    • IJ04282 Security: Change in location and default of jurisdiction policy files
    • IJ03853 Security: IBMCAC provider does not support SHA224
    • IJ02679 Security: IBMPKCS11Impl – Bad sessions are being allocated internally
    • IJ02706 Security: IBMPKCS11Impl – Bad sessions are being allocated internally
    • IJ03552 Security: IBMPKCS11Impl - Config file problem with the slot specification attribute
    • IJ01901 Security: IBMPKCS11Impl – SecureRandom.setSeed() exception
    • IJ03801 Security: Issue with same DN certs, iKeyman GUI error with stash, JKS Chain issue and JVM argument parse issue with iKeyman
    • IJ02284 JIT Compiler: Division by zero in JIT compiler

    • Make it possible to run Java jnlp files from Firefox. (bsc#1057460)