Security update for php53 (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2016:2328-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2016-09-16T21:09:09


This update for php53 fixes the following security issues:

  • CVE-2014-3587: Integer overflow in the cdf_read_property_info affecting SLES11 SP3 [bsc#987530]
  • CVE-2016-6297: Stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in php_stream_zip_opener [bsc#991426]
  • CVE-2016-6291: Out-of-bounds access in exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE [bsc#991427]
  • CVE-2016-6289: Integer overflow leads to buffer overflow in virtual_file_ex [bsc#991428]
  • CVE-2016-6290: Use after free in unserialize() with Unexpected Session Deserialization [bsc#991429]
  • CVE-2016-5399: Improper error handling in bzread() [bsc#991430]
  • CVE-2016-6288: Buffer over-read in php_url_parse_ex [bsc#991433]
  • CVE-2016-6296: Heap buffer overflow vulnerability in simplestring_addn in simplestring.c [bsc#991437]
  • CVE-2016-7124: Create an Unexpected Object and Don't Invoke __wakeup() in Deserialization
  • CVE-2016-7125: PHP Session Data Injection Vulnerability
  • CVE-2016-7126: select_colors write out-of-bounds
  • CVE-2016-7127: imagegammacorrect allowed arbitrary write access
  • CVE-2016-7128: Memory Leakage In exif_process_IFD_in_TIFF
  • CVE-2016-7129: wddx_deserialize allows illegal memory access
  • CVE-2016-7130: wddx_deserialize null dereference
  • CVE-2016-7131: wddx_deserialize null dereference with invalid xml
  • CVE-2016-7132: wddx_deserialize null dereference in php_wddx_pop_element