Security update for squid3 (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2016:1996-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2016-08-09T17:12:26


This update for squid3 fixes the following issues:

  • Multiple issues in pinger ICMP processing. (CVE-2014-7141, CVE-2014-7142)

  • CVE-2016-3947: Buffer overrun issue in pinger ICMPv6 processing. (bsc#973782)

  • CVE-2016-4554: fix header smuggling issue in HTTP Request processing (bsc#979010)

  • fix multiple Denial of Service issues in HTTP Response processing. (CVE-2016-2569, CVE-2016-2570, CVE-2016-2571, CVE-2016-2572, bsc#968392, bsc#968393, bsc#968394, bsc#968395)

  • CVE-2016-3948: Fix denial of service in HTTP Response processing (bsc#973783)

  • CVE-2016-4051: fixes buffer overflow in cachemgr.cgi (bsc#976553)

  • CVE-2016-4052, CVE-2016-4053, CVE-2016-4054:

    • fixes multiple issues in ESI processing (bsc#976556)
  • CVE-2016-4556: fixes double free vulnerability in (bsc#979008)

  • CVE-2015-5400: Improper Protection of Alternate Path (bsc#938715)

  • CVE-2014-6270: fix off-by-one in snmp subsystem (bsc#895773)

  • Memory leak in squid3 when using external_acl (bsc#976708)