Security update for libarchive (important)

ID SUSE-SU-2016:1909-1
Type suse
Reporter Suse
Modified 2016-07-29T14:09:01


libarchive was updated to fix 20 security issues.

These security issues were fixed: - CVE-2015-8918: Overlapping memcpy in CAB parser (bsc#985698). - CVE-2015-8919: Heap out of bounds read in LHA/LZH parser (bsc#985697). - CVE-2015-8920: Stack out of bounds read in ar parser (bsc#985675). - CVE-2015-8921: Global out of bounds read in mtree parser (bsc#985682). - CVE-2015-8922: Null pointer access in 7z parser (bsc#985685). - CVE-2015-8923: Unclear crashes in ZIP parser (bsc#985703). - CVE-2015-8924: Heap buffer read overflow in tar (bsc#985609). - CVE-2015-8925: Unclear invalid memory read in mtree parser (bsc#985706). - CVE-2015-8926: NULL pointer access in RAR parser (bsc#985704). - CVE-2015-8928: Heap out of bounds read in mtree parser (bsc#985679). - CVE-2015-8929: Memory leak in tar parser (bsc#985669). - CVE-2015-8930: Endless loop in ISO parser (bsc#985700). - CVE-2015-8931: Undefined behavior / signed integer overflow in mtree parser (bsc#985689). - CVE-2015-8932: Compress handler left shifting larger than int size (bsc#985665). - CVE-2015-8933: Undefined behavior / signed integer overflow in TAR parser (bsc#985688). - CVE-2015-8934: Out of bounds read in RAR (bsc#985673). - CVE-2016-4300: Heap buffer overflow vulnerability in the 7zip read_SubStreamsInfo (bsc#985832). - CVE-2016-4301: Stack buffer overflow in the mtree parse_device (bsc#985826). - CVE-2016-4302: Heap buffer overflow in the Rar decompression functionality (bsc#985835). - CVE-2016-4809: Memory allocate error with symbolic links in cpio archives (bsc#984990).